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Addictions (4602)
Aging (143)
Alternative (6594)
Animal (2826)
Beauty (653)
Child Health (1018)
Conditions and Diseases (16828)
Dentistry (706)
Disabilities (1388)
Education (234)
Employment (642)
Environmental Health (428)
Fitness (1532)
Health Insurance (3225)
Healthcare Industry (5869)
History (8)
Home Health (207)
Medicine (12651)
Men's Health (475)
Mental Health (6382)
Nursing (1861)
Nutrition (680)
Occupational Health and Safety (879)
Organizations (194)
Pharmacy (2486)
Products and Shopping (66)
Professions (1319)
Public Health and Safety (3790)
Publications (170)
Reproductive Health (2495)
Resources (203)
Senior Health (1013)
Senses (400)
Services (111)
Support Groups (514)
Teen Health (103)
Weight Loss (404)
Women's Health (910)
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Health On the Net Foundation -
Non-commercial overview of health resources.
WebMD -
Comprehensive health resources for consumers, physicians, nurses, and educators. Includes news, chat forums, health quizzes and consumer product updates.
InteliHealth -
Harvard Medical School's consumer health information, journal databases, a medical dictionary, FAQs on latest news and live forums.
Martindale's Health Science Guide -
Extensive database of health related information, news and references. - Health -
Location for health and medicine, fitness, nutrition and sexuality, with experts, resources, and community.
HealthWeb -
Links to evaluated information resources selected by librarians and information professionals at academic medical centers in the US Midwest. Selection emphasizes quality information aimed at assisting health care professionals as well as consumers in meeting their health information needs.
C-Health -
Features current health news, columnists, health association news, and a searchable database called "Disease in Depth" for more information about any particular disease or condition.
AOL Anywhere - Health Web Channel -
Find health advice, information about diseases, diet tips, calorie and body mass calculators, chats and message boards.

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